catfish farming
[a drained pond in catfish country Mississippi]

Cod caught off Norway is shipped to China to be turned into filets, then shipped back to Norway for sale. Last year, Britain both imported 14,000 tonnes of waffles, and exported 15,000 tonnes. In the United States, FreshDirect proclaims kiwi season has expanded to “All year!” now that Italy has become the world’s leading supplier of New Zealand’s national fruit, taking over in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter.

The global movement of food has never operated at the speeds and scopes seen today. Labour costs, economics, and infrastructure have a greater influence over what is farmed and where it is distributed than climate.

catfish farms alabama
[Alabama catfish farms.]

Recently Catfish farming in the Mississippi delta are about to go bellyup. With rising costs of corn and soybeans, for every dollar it costs to raise and harvest a catfish, there is only 75 cents return. Drained catfish ponds are being converted into, you guessed it, corn and soybean fields.

(via nytimes)

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