Potash Mine Saskatchewan
[Potash mine for Mosaic in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan.]

It seems only logical, with the increased frenzy of food shortage, biofuels, and other increased agriculture interests, that there would be a significant increased interest in fertilizer. Saskatchewan's potash production has emerged as the global leader of potash exports. PotashCorp is the leading producer in the region, which has now also become Canada's largest company by market capital - more than $67-billion (Canadian).

They have recently announced plans to expand a recent expansion. The potash boom spurred a decision by Canpotex Ltd. to build a new export terminal in Prince Rupert - a place long battered by forestry and fishing declines - to boost Asian shipments of the high-demand fertilizer.

Potash production is a major Saskatchewan industry, which has played a significant role in the economy for over 40 years. The ten producing mines in the province are among the largest and most modern in the world. Underground potash deposits were laid down by evaporation in an ancient inland sea; three major layers of potash are separated by layers of salt.

[Global potash imports]

[Global potash exports.]

Canada is single-handed supplying the world's top four importers of potash (China, USA, Brazil, and India) with its 7.7 million tonnes exported.

[Sites of nutrient enrichment in Canada, 1998.]


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