[A researcher deploys an Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure, or ARMS, in Lizard Island, Australia.]

As the Census of Marine Life works towards its first comprehensive report in 2010, already a whopping 150 new species have been tallied. In a recent report, research along the Great Barrier Reef, and more specifically 3 islands, have resulted in the discovery of several new varieties of soft corals, amphipod crustaceans, and tanaids (shrimps).

[A luminescent ctenophore discovered off of Heron Island.]
[Sabellids, or fan worms, found at Heron Island.]
[A variety of green seaweed found Heron Island.]

About 36 house-like plastic boxes have been positioned within the Lizard and Heron Island region to assist in monitoring species over the next decade and beyond. Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) will observe patterns and rates of recolonization of marine life over the duration of the census.

[The coral-skirted Heron Island.]
[The more mountainous Lizard Island.]
[Census of Marine Life map of 17 key project areas. The 3 Australian islands are within the CReefs expedition area.]


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