[Mushroom Farm in Taichung, Taiwan.]

Three employees of Farmers Fresh Mushrooms in Lagley, British Columbia died last week as a rush of compost fumes flooded a pump house at the mushroom farm. Fungiculture is centered around no light and robust soil - robust as in manure-laden robust. Thus the composting and thus the toxicity.

[Fresh manure bags awaiting mushrooom spores in Quindao, China agri-bunker.]
[Growing beds being assembled, with roof off.]
[Where spawn meets compost...]


i am unknown from mushroom farming, but i want to know about mushroom farming can you aducate me?


manish dobariya added these pithy words on Oct 13 09 at 4:14 am

i want to start mushroom farming

malkiat singh added these pithy words on May 21 10 at 2:02 am

we are doing a feasibility study and we"ve chosen a mushroom farm. i would like to ask what is the ideal measure of a mushroom house and what are the needed equipments and facilities growing shiitake mushrooms indoors? we would be very happy if you could help us out,,.thank you so much!

almira flores added these pithy words on Jul 17 10 at 6:10 am

i want to start mushroom farming plz help

Rajesh added these pithy words on Jul 20 10 at 7:23 am

I can be of some help if you want to do yourstudy about Agaricus bisporus (button mushroom) but not Shiitake mushroom

Saleh Isslugi added these pithy words on Dec 12 10 at 3:16 pm

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