InfraNet is pleased to announce a new publication venture in collaboration with Archinect, and with support from the Graham Foundation.


[bracket] is an annual publication documenting issues overlooked yet central to our cultural milieu that have evolved out of the new disciplinary territory at the intersection of architecture, landscape, urbanism and, now, the internet. It is no coincidence that the professional term architect can also now refer to information architects, and that the word community can also now refer to an online community. [bracket] is a publishing platform for ideas charting the complex overlap of the sphere of architecture and online social spheres.

Seeking new voices and talent, [bracket] is structured around an open call for entries. The series will look at thematics in our age of globalization that are shaping the built environment in radically significant and yet unexpected ways.

The first issue is titled On Farming is to be released in Fall 2009.

Please see the website for a description of the call for entries, schedule, and how to be part of future mailings. And please pass this on to anyone you believe could be interested to participate or submit ideas, designs, or texts.

Thank you,
InfraNet Lab Editors
Mason White
Lola Sheppard
Maya Przybylski
Neeraj Bhatia

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