[Keller Easterling's Some True Stories]

If you are within earshot of New York sometime before the remainder of the year, do not miss Keller Easterling's "Some True Stories: researches in the field of flexible truth." It runs from Nov 18 - Dec 23 2008 at the always reliable Storefront for Art and Architecture. Easterling and her collaborators chart the convenience of deviance, highlighting the lure of swimming in the dirty waters of political persuasions.

Immediately, I am reminded of the current piracy off the Somalian coast as a reminder of some of the by-products of these flexible truths. The recent hijacking of an oil tanker from Saudi Arabia's state-owned shipping line, Vela International Marine Ltd, that is carrying more than 2 million barrels of crude valued at $110 million is a reminder of the power of pirate polity. There have been some 70 pirate attacks in and around the Gulf of Aden so far this year. Of course there really is no government in Somalia right now, so pirating seems like a great option. Aaargh…

[Saudi Arabia's oil tanker Sirius Star was the largest hijacking in history.]
The pirate minefield off the Somalian coast.

Ed's note: Although discovered after the fact, BLDGBLOG and the Lab were in the same headspace yesterday… they have a fantastic overview of piracy, live(!).


[...] Bureau and its Live Piracy Report. Meanwhile, InfraNet Lab could only conclude that piracy was the opportunist's career of choice given the current absence of government in [...]

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