[Iceland is primed for Hydro and Geothermal energy autonomy.]

Probably no other country is considering such a significant (and potentially devastating) geo-engineering project as Iceland. With the entire country volcanically and geologically active, Icelanders are the most likely to achieve the world's first hydrogen society.

We will be in Reykjavik in two weeks time, and before that in Oslo, Norway, and Murmansk, Russia. Please hunt us down if you are located in any of these places and we would love to go out for Hakar or fårikål.

We can be reached at: editors (at) infranetlab (dot) org.

[Fissure swarms.]
[Fissure swarms.]
[A tectonic fissure.]


[...] From InfraNet Lab: [...]

Warren Ellis » Your Sciencefictionfuturetoday Quote Of The Day added these pithy words on Aug 10 09 at 10:08 am

[...] Iceland most likely to be the first Hyrdrogen society > Harvesting Iceland [...]

NinjaFuel | Readings for the Urban Ninja (24/08/09) | Archi-Ninja added these pithy words on Aug 24 09 at 9:48 am

Could you provide a link to a larger version of the map / other info on this development? Thanks!

JM added these pithy words on Aug 08 09 at 5:52 pm

So, by hydrogen society, you mean steam powered? (Geothermal heats water into steam to run generators to provide the electricity… so technically, if you hook your computer up to that, you have a steam-powered computer)

If you mean actual hydrogen fuel-cell technology… gonna need a bigger map to explain that one. :D

And hey, I thought Alcoa mined aluminum.

robot makes music added these pithy words on Aug 10 09 at 1:07 pm

JM: You can find a bigger version of the map at savingisland.org, or here.

robot: steam-powered computers, i think you have something in that… but alas they do mean hydrogen cells. With something like only 38% of energy coming from oil, most of this from transport, there is viable potential to introduce hydrrogen fuel cell tech. Here is a good book on the project.

mwhite added these pithy words on Aug 11 09 at 2:24 am

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