[WPA 2.0 competition is hosted by cityLAB.]
[WPA 2.0 competition is hosted by cityLAB.]

We are excited about the results from the recently hosted WPA 2.0 competition, and its enticing tagline: "Whoever Rules the Sewers Rules the City." The six selected projects look fantastic and we are honored to be among those included in the second phase developments.

Our project is titled Coupling Infrastructures: Water Economies/Ecologies and is centered on the twin dilemma of rising population and water shortages in the US southwest. In particular the project looks at terminal lakes in the region such as Salton Sea, Mono Lake, Pyramid Lake, and of course Owens Lake.

[Our submission: Water Economies / Ecologies]
[Our submission: Water Economies / Ecologies]

We will be developing the project at the XXL scale as well as the S scale, both to understand and position the water infrastructure systems regionally as well their role as a new public realm. We are now working toward September 26 for a workshop in Los Angeles. November 16 will be the next date, which is a presentation by the six teams and symposium in Washington, DC including the jury and national policy-makers.

[WPA 2.0 competition infrastructure matrix.]
[WPA 2.0 competition infrastructure matrix.]


[...] valuable micro-infrastructures, and artificially enhanced ecologies (that proposal is by Lateral/Infranet Lab), reconfiguring the US-Mexico border wall in thirty different ways, opening the Los Angeles [...]

wpa 2.0 - mammoth // building nothing out of something added these pithy words on Sep 06 09 at 2:17 pm

And congratulations on PA 30 as well! Nice couple of weeks for you folks…

Stephen Becker added these pithy words on Sep 08 09 at 8:41 am

Thanks Stephen. Congrats on mammoth - which is amazing!

mwhite added these pithy words on Sep 08 09 at 8:44 am

Thanks, that's very much appreciated. I should also note that getting to be a part of [bracket] is a real thrill for Rob and I, we're looking forward to working with you. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Stephen Becker added these pithy words on Sep 08 09 at 9:06 am

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