[MONU 12 - Real Urbanism.]
[MONU 12 - Real Urbanism.]

We are eager to get our hands on two recently launched issues of the always impressionable MONU and 306090.

MONUs Real Urbanism poses the provocation that what is "real" for some is not always in sync with what is "ideal" for all. To our delight, the issue in particular seems to focus on the economic reality of urban form - from corporate urban takeovers, to financially-driven urban develop strategies. Below is the full table of contents:

MONU vol. 12 CONTENTS ///// Luxury Space / Jason Lee; The World According to Mr. Reds / Doreen Jakob; The Shelter Category / Mammoth (Stephen Becker and Rob Holmes); How the City of Broad Shoulders Bought its Growth Spurt / Karl Johann Hakken; Residential Developers and Investors in Central Europe: Boom and Bust / Maximilian Mendel; Pyongyang in a New Era / Yim Dongwoo; Casino City State /Rustam Mehta and Thomas Moran; Solidere, Inc., or Downtown Beirut /Carol Moukheiber; Real High - The Desire for the Real in Urban Real Estate / McLain Clutter; Real Creativity: A Case for Ethical Freedom in Architecture / Randall Teal; Life without Architects - Interview with Magriet Smit / Bernd Upmeyer; The New York Value Exchange / Joyce Hwang; Real Big - Interview with Bjarke Ingels / Beatriz Ramo; Magic Realism - A New Skyline for Rome / Simone De Iacobis; Business Park De Hoef Revisited 1998-2008 / Arjan Harbers (Topotronic); Brand New Landlords / Daan Roggeveen and Michiel Hulshof; Living on the Edge / Bas Princen; Why should a Developer read Aristotle / Marta Relats; Unbuilt Rotterdam / ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]; Rotterdam is a Whore - Interview with Andre Kempe / Beatriz Ramo and Bernd Upmeyer; To Build or not to Build / MVRDV.

MONU - magazine on urbanism is a unique bi-annual international forum for artists, writers and designers that are working on topics of urban culture, development and politics. Each issue collects essays, projects and photographs from contributors from all over the world to a given topic. Thus MONU examines topics that are important to the future of our cities and urban regions from a variety of perspectives.

[306090 vol.13 titled Sustain and Develop.]
[306090 vol 13 titled Sustain and Develop.]

306090s Sustain and Develop surveys innovative thinking and proposals operating at the complex intersection of development pressured sites and toxic ecologies or marginalized socio-cultural conditions. They ask: "How can architects confront either of these courses within the paradox that any mark in the ground will inevitably disrupt a natural ecology?" Below is the extensive contents:

306090 vol. 13 CONTENTS ///// Introduction: Sustain and Develop / BOLCHOVER, Joshua and SOLOMON, Jonathan; Preface: In the Briar Patch / EASTERLING, Keller; Rx for the R1: Sustaining the Neighborhood / CUFF, Dana and DAHL, Per-Johan; Towards Un-Building: Sustainable Architecture as Social Enterprise / MAHER, Dennis; Operational Alternatives: (Re-)Configuring the Landscape of Alberta’s Athabasca Oil Sands / DORAN, Kelly; Flow Mechanism: Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky / SCROGGIN, Jason; Prosolve / DRING, Alison and SCHWAAG, Daniel; Endurance and Obsolescence: Instant Cities, Disposable Buildings, and the Construction of Culture / VEREBES, Tom; Over-Weathering: On Permanence and Resistance in the 2000s / DULIERE, Aude-Line and WONG, Clara; Be Our Guest / HONG KONG CULTURAL IMAGING WORKSHOP; Legs / SVERDLOV, Alexander; Robots and Towers / SAMPLE, Hilary; Go West, Go Big, Go Green? A Journey through China’s “Great Opening of the West” / BRAZIER, Cressica and LAM, Tat; Rural-Urban Ecology / BOLCHOVER, Joshua and LIN, John; Towards ‘Sustainable Communities’? Community, Consultation and the Compulsory Purchase of the site for the 2012 Olympic Games / DAVIS, Juliet; A Brief History of the Fortunes of Deptford Creek: An Interview with Mark Brearly / KOHN, David; Landmarks in Post-Western Ecology / DELOOZ, Pierre Alexandre; China’s Sustainability: Asynchronous Revolutions / JIANG, Jun; Taiwan Strait Atlas, Xiamen Incubator and Beckton Loop Project / BUNSCHOTEN, Raoul; China’s Food-Energy-Water Nexus—A Terrifying Triple Threat / WONG, Julian L.; Spatial Sustainability in Urban Asia: Conservation, Eco-Modernization and Urban Wilding / SADOWAY, David; Chinese Carnival / CHEN, Zhuo and HUANG, Keyi; Along Trails and Shorelines / AYÓN, Angel, MARKS, Gerald and WHITE, Sarah; Reflections on the Hong Kong Waterfront, an Epilogue / EDICK, Kipp, HILLYARD, Chris and YUNG, Edward; Onset, Event and Release / MARSHALL, Victoria; Something Rich and Strange / BRACKEN, Gregory; Is Going Green another Utopia? / HEMPEL, Adina; The Economy of Desire / LI Shiqiao; The Clean Development Mechanism: Tactics of Aggregation / ACHT, Joost van; Urbanization of Post-Olympic Beijing / LIAUW, Laurence; Three Sustainabilities / PIPAN, Tomaz; New York City (Steady) State / TERREFORM; Sustainable Development and Architecture / CHU, Yan; Recombinant Ecologies / GATTEGNO, Nataly; poroCITY / ZOTES-LOPEZ, Marcos; DC on the High Seas / LECAVALIER, Jesse; On the Water: Palisade Bay / SEAVITT, Catherine; The Osmotic Territories / DECOSTERD, Jean-Gilles; Nothing Runs Like a GPS-Navigated Deere: Cedric Price and the Precision Farming Industry / BISHOP, Elizabeth; Feeling Green: Plastic Transformability and Generative Critique / EDNIE-BROWN, Pia; Arid / GRIFFITHS, Jason; DMZOO / YANG, David; Revelation and Indication / MOTODA, Hisaharu; The DEW Project / STANKIEVECH, Charles; Sitting on a Floating Green / FAN, Ling

Exploring contemporary issues in architecture “from every angle,” 306090 is dedicated to opening up architectural discourse by publishing design projects, critical essays, and historic inquiries that are cross disciplinary, collaborative and socially engaged.

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