Eneropa - Territories of Energy

[Eneropa - The New European Map? Image via OMA/AMO]

An interesting new report by AMO for Roadmap 2050 recently emerged online.  Roadmap 2050 is a policy roadmap to address the 80-95% reduction in CO2 emissions targeted by Europe for 2050.  The AMO study creates a new image of Europe as Eneropa, a continent now defined by energy territories - Biomassburg, Geothermalia, Solaria, Isles of Wind, Tidal States, etc....  These new territories are connected by a new green grid, represented by AMO in a language akin to subway transit maps - isolating nodes of production and movement corridors for energy.  While doing so, this new networked grid creates a legible structure of energy infrastructure which is displayed in various branding schemes.  The report also discusses the possibility of an energy exchange with North Africa, utilizing the solar potential of North Africa in exchange for wind energy from Eneropa''''''''s Isles of Wind.

[The Target: 85-90% reduction in CO2 emissions. Image via AMO/OMA]

[Predicted Energy Supply in 2050]

What would happen to the old energy infrastructure of Europe?  The report suggests that this could be preserved as as Unesco Sites of the pre-Eneropa world.  Perhaps as a memory/ reminder of the world reliant on carbon, these would be the monuments of a world enthralled with energy.  And how much would this cost?  AMO''''''''s study estimates that the increased energy cost per household to live in a decarbonized Europe would only be 140 euros.  The report also touches on some new energy initiatives and technological breakthroughs.  You can access the Report PDF here.

[Rendering of Solaria via OMA/AMO]

[Rendering of Hydropia. Image via OMA/AMO]

[Energy Grid of Eneropa. Image via OMA/AMO]

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