Northern Experiments

[Northern Experiments project map.]
Directed by 0047, Northern Experiments is an impressive, broad survey of the Barents region, which includes northwestern Russia and northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The project was realized as an exhibition and book.

[Barents region developing industries.]

[Map showing inhabtants within reach of a new northern IKEA in Torino and Haparanda.]

The project encompasses a range of issues, opportunities, and dilemmas facing many cities and towns in this region that has become a resource extraction hotbed as well as strategic staging point for resource trade. Take for example the city of Hammerfest, Norway, which is no longer in decline because of the 19 million euros it earns in tax income from the massive StatoilHydro LNG plant at Melkoya. And then there are unique economic anomalies such as the merger of Torino in Finland and Haparanda in Sweden.

Though probably no other region has gone and will be going through as dramatic a transformation as northern Russia. The change is accelerated by post-communist market shifts, political jockeying, environmental change, and the oil and gas race. Places such as Kirovsk, Monchegorsk, and Nikel have seen these changes at different times throughout various regimes. Murmansk is the largest city inside the arctic circle with a population of about 350,000, and maintains the largest port in the region. The port currently processes fish, coal, and phosphate, though its position relative to the recently activated Shtokman gas field is sure to generate even more significant transformations.

[Traits of Murmansk, Russia.]

The book includes projects by BuroMoscow, NORD, Testbedstudio, Department of Urban Design and Planning, NTNU, and 0047. It is directed by 0047 in collaboration with the Barents Triennale and Pikene pa broen.

Big thanks to Kelly Doran for the lead on this.

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