Bracket 01 : On Farming

Posted by InfraNet Lab on November 23, 2010 | PERMALINK

Editors: Maya Przybylski & Mason White
Editorial Advisors: Fritz Haeg, Heather Ring, Michael Speaks, Nathalie de Vries, Charles Waldheim

Once merely understood in terms of agriculture, today information,energy, labour, and landscape, among others, can be farmed. Farming harnesses the efficiency of collectivity and community. Whether cultivating land, harvesting resources, extracting energy or delegating labor, farming reveals the interdependencies of our globalized world. Simultaneously, farming represents the local gesture, the productive landscape, and the alternative economy. The processes of farming a remutable, parametric, and efficient. From terraforming to foodsheds to crowdsourcing, farming often involves the management of the natural mediated by the technologic. Farming, beyond its most common agricultural understanding is the modification of infrastructure,urbanisms, architectures, and landscapes toward a privileging of production.